Faisal and Iqra

We are a happy family I, Iqra and my brother Faisal. We never know our parents. We are being raised by my grandpa with his pension money. Fate has its day again and grandpa died. My brother faisal is almost 28, with 6 feet tall and muscular and have a craze for all the girls around our neighborhood. I, Iqra, 19 is equally attractive with rich figure 32, 28, 32.

After my grandpa expired, all our family responsibilities fell on my brother. He is working harder to make his end meets, i feel so bad for him. Also, I have finally the sense of freedom as my grandpa was very strict and he always bought me the very very conservative clothes and I always wanted to be modern and look rich.

This is the time to dump all my old dresses and change my wardrobe. I hope, faisal wont be anything as he too doesn’t like the grandpa rules. I want to live my life with my own rules, but there is a problem, money. Only way i can manage all of them by i need to get a part time job. I have conveyed this idea to faisal, he wasnt so happy about that but finally he agreed. I have saved some money and went to one cheap shop, where nobody goes and selected some dress for me, I bought two dresses one crop top, which is very short and shows my navel and waist and another sheer scoop neck t shirt with lot of cleavage and sexy short skirt., When i reach the counter, i was short of cash, and have enough money for just one but i don’t want left my dress behind.


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After lot of thoughts, I asked the store owner, that if he can give any discount. He says no at first, when i was about to buy just one dress, he stopped me and said that he has a proposition. With grim smile his face, he told me that i can take all these two, if i change the dress in front of him. i was shocked and this is kinda naughtier thing to do and i was dreaming about these situations, then i said, if you want to see me like this, then i will take that push up bra and black lace knickers and he agreed to it. Shop owner said that its his honor to give those bra to hot muslim girl like me. I asked him how does he know that, i am a Muslim? He said, only the muslim girls agree to his proposal. He is an Indian hindu guy, living here in texas for long time and he bragged that he fucked lot of muslim girls. I have no plan to fuck this cow-piss drinker. but i need dress so i went to the changing room and he followed me and i slowly removed my kurti, he said “Wow” then i removed my salwar and he said he will give it all for free only if i remove all my inners. but its free, so i didnt care, i take off all my dress and stood naked before him and i even turned to show him my ass and after i tried all these dresses. I got all for free and straight back to home. I changed it to new t shirt and shorts and watching tv, Faisal arrived tired and with some bag in his hand and he was shocked to see me in this new attire. He yelled “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WEARING” then i say “Relax, grandpa. whats the problem?”

he continued “Nothing sis, i just never seen you like this”

I: you are going to see a lot of this and i dont want you to make any rules

F: dont worry, I like the way you dress and dont get pregnant like those dumb white chicks

I: come on bro, its me and i am not that dumb. Ok whats in your hand

F: Oh, this. Son of a bitch at my work, told me that if i work hard, i will get a incentive, so i worked hard and he gave this “gift”, i really expected money.

I: Oh. What is that anyway?

F: It looks like a slutty dress, the kind, american whores wear? what should i do with this?

I: For a starter, you can give it to me

F: you? really?I: why not?

F: I dont know, if you can wear this, you will look like a whore.I: So what? Atleast then i will look like an average american.

F: Ok, if you say so.

I: Can we go out?

F: where? why?
I: Look i have some money, your face look so shit faced. There is a new pub opened around the corner. lets go there. I will wear this dress

F: What if somebody from our mosque saw us?I: then we can ask, what the fuck are you doing in the pub?

F: lol. True

then i ran to my bedroom, wore that dress and come out, faisal’s jaw dropped to the ground and “Wow, just WOW”. Lets go. This is the 1st time, i am feeling like this and its awesome. We entered the place and there were long queue and i am definitely head turner, as we walked in, there are so many girls dancing on stage, some are naked, some have very little to no dress.

F: Hey Iqra. this is not a pub, its a fucking strip club

I: How the fuck should i know?

F: so what do we do now?

I: we didnt come all the way to return immediately. we are here and you have some fun

F: what about u?

I: I am not into girls bro. Holy shit!!

F: what?

I: Look at the stripper on that stage

F: What? why? who is that?

I: you dont know her?

F: No

I: thats Sultana, Our Imam’s daughter

F: No fucking way

I: Wow, she can move. She always covered herself from head to toe and act so pious. Look at her

F: What do we do now?

I: I have an idea

F: What do you gonna do?

I: Wait and watch

After that, lot of thoughts coming to my mind, Why Sultana is doing this? How did she end up her? and so many things. I moved on and stand near the stage and yelled “Sultana, you are such a whore” She shocked and started shaking after seeing me. She cant stop in the middle of the show now, she continued to give her best show till she got her naked. “Wow” I exclaimed, then she got off the stage carrying her dress and grabbed me inside her dressing room. I stopped her when she was about to wear her dress.

Sultana: you work here?

Iqra; You wish, i am not a whore like you sultana

S: Oh, then what are you doing here and why are you dressed like one?

I: You are naked slut and atleast i am not fucking others like you

S: Ok. what do you want?

I (lied): Look sultana, i dont want to fight with you, i just came with my brother to have some fun and i saw you here and i am just curious now and what happened to you? you are not like this?

S: Does your brother saw me.

I: Oh yeah, he saw everything, now tell me.

S: I am not professional stripper, i just come here whenever i need money or let off some steam. So please dont tell to anybody.

I: I will always be there for you but you need to do me a favor

S: what do you want now?

I: I want to make more money but i dont want to do something like this. So, the 1st thing i want now is to get my brother married, so we can get some dowry and settle.

S: Where are you going with this?

I: Wait, I am talking about your cousin Saba. I think she will be suitable for him.

S: What do you want me to do?

I: I know you are close with Saba mother, just convince her to marry and then I and my bro will move to their home

S: what if i say no?

I: then your secret will not be safe with me

S: you are bitch.

I: whatever.. Do it for me and i wont bother you anymore

S: fine

After that i left her to get ready and informed Faisal about everything that have happened. He always has an eye on Saba and i always had my eyes on their money. They are easy target, Saba is 20 and attending university, he sister Maryam is 18 and in high school, living with their mother Tahira, she gave birth to saba when she is just 19. At 39, she looks stunning and looks like their sister. They have no father. They are easy target. If faisal got married then they will be under my control.

We reached home and all the way Faisal talks about sultana’s naked boobs and pussy. I can see that he has an very good hard-on and i am also horny too. Today i let a stranger see my naked body. Being naked, was so much fun and i like to experience that a lot in future. I went to my bathroom take off my clothes and jumped on bed and started touching myself, I rubbed my pussy and slowly played with my clit, WOW, then i inserted my finger slowly, my pussy was all wet and it enters easily and I have decided that this is the night, i am losing my virginity and i dont think of any other men more deserving than Faisal. So i slowly crept into the room, he was watching incest porn and masturbating, I am so glad and sure that he is thinking about me and i slowly said “Faisal” He literally jumped from the bed and closed his laptop and turned back just to see his little sister all naked.

He stuttered “Wh… What.. What the fuck Iqra?” I said “I cant sleep anymore and i am horny”

F: this is wrong

I: you are masturbating thinking of me and i am horny too. if you dont want to do it just let me go and i will fuck the 1st guy i see

F: No, wait

I stopped, faisal came from behind and wrapped his hand around me and grabbed my boobs and said “I always wanted to do that Iqra”, I replied “Now we can do whatever we want” He lift me up and throw me in his bed, he took off his dress. I have tried many times before to see my brother’s dick but now, the wait is over. My jaws dropped after seeing my brothers 8 inch monster. I slowly get up from the bed and crawled towards my brother, i take his cock and start licking him and taking in it inside my mouth, inch by inch, till his entire dick hit my deep throat, it was wonderful experience for both of us. I take the cock out of my mouth and push him to the bed and sat on his bare body and rubbed my pussy all over his stomach to chest and he starts squeezing my boobs and i taken the birth control pill which i had for long time. I start sitting on his rod which slowly penetrated into my tight pussy, till it broke the hymen and taken my virginity and the pain and pleasure was nothing i have ever known existed. I start riding him, jumping up and down, thuk – thuk sound our body made were silenced by our loud moaning and then he let me lay on the bed on my back and starts fucking me harder and he slowly increased his pace and whole bed is shaking and he entered all the way inside, till be unloaded, all of his juice and filled my pussy and then my pussy starts leaking, Faisal put his fingers on my pussy, taken a drop of cum and feed it to me and wow, my brothers cum was delicious. we are very tired and slept next to each other.

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