I the bitch 2

He, my dog after licking me for few minutes sat on his right behind me with our letting me move never mind get out, he licked his dick for a moment and then he got up licking my juicy pussy again a couple of times, (I am bitch 1)

I thought that was going to be the end of it I could see between my legs his dick hanging out about ten inches long and another two and a half inches thick he claimed on top of me, placing his two front paws on shoulders and aimed his dick to my pussy, he tried once and missed, twice to high and missed, I said please noooo! Tried the third time and hit target, he shoved his dick about one third of the length of his dick into my pussy, I let out a loud moan, he poused for few seconds I saw his feet accommodating the way he wanted them and suddenly he pushed his cock deeper into my pussy and started to pump faster and faster and faster, in me, so fast and hard that my head was banging the wall as he was banging my pussy, he kept pounding for at least fifteen minutes, I remember that I came three times I looked between my legs and I could see clearly that his feet were actually on the air for the fast that was fucking me, and soon I could feel a pleasure growing in my wombs and he started to slow down his pace and I could feel the pressure travel deeper in my insides, then the pressure started to move out of me and suddenly I felt the pressure started to make me the urge to piss, I started to squirt, then my pussy walls started to stretching out and suddenly a pop sound came from behind me, he had withdrawn his cock out of me and I could see a big ball almost at the end of his dick, I fell on the floor exhausted, my legs were shaking and weak, my pussy was sore and puffy and still oozing cum, he licked his dick for a moment and then licked clean too. I have been his bitch since then, my husband is going on a work trip again this coming week and he is confident that with my dog in the house I am safe and taking care while he is away, I will let you know next week goes.

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