Mom helps her son get some sleep

Kendra heard the telltale squeaking of her son’s bed. It was past midnight and her husband, Mark, snored noisily next to her, dead to the world. The small noise had been enough to bring the mother out of a hot dream, for which she was quite annoyed. Try as she might, she couldn’t ignore the squeaks and just return to sleep, so she tried to wait it out, but after five minutes Matthew still wasn’t finished. With an exasperated sigh, she pushed the sheets off of her body and stepped out of bed.

She thought this would only take a second, so she didn’t bother to cover up, creeping to her son’s bedroom door in just her baby doll nightie. She found that his door was not completely closed and decided to take a peek before she said anything. As she looked into Matt’s room, her breath caught in her throat and she stared silently for a long minute.

A lamp on his nightstand was turned on and in the soft light Kendra could see that her son was masturbating. She had guessed as much, but she hadn’t imagined the long, thick cock jutting up from a patch of wild pubic hair, his hand stroking himself slowly as he gazed at his phone in his left hand. His body was lean and was beginning to develop the muscles of a grown man, a fact that she had not fully appreciated before.


As she watched she felt her body become taut, her nipples were as hard as pebbles and they ached to be sucked and pinched. Wetness flooded her pussy anew, rekindling the fire that had been put on pause from the steamy dream she’d been having. Every muscle in her body ached at that moment from desire and she longed to rush through the door and take this man and let him have his way with her.

Kendra knew that she’d freak Matt out if she did anything of the sort, but she needed to do something to satisfy her own desires now if she were to ever get back to sleep.

“Baby? You okay?” Kendra asked softly, letting her voice drift from a motherly tone to a sultry whisper. She knocked softly on the door before pushing it open. Matt hurriedly pulled his sheet up to his waist, but it did little to hide the lump his erection made. Kendra smiled despite herself as she crossed the room in front of her son.

She could feel his eyes upon her as she stepped around the bed, moving slowly so that he could take a long, hard look at her body. Kendra knew that the nightie only covered half of her ass. The cups that held in her breasts were so sheer that they did nothing to hide them from her son’s eyes. Her heavy, round breasts swayed gently as she moved, her thick, rosy nipples clearly visible. As she sat next to him Matt swallowed hard, shutting his phone off with his thumb before placing it on the nightstand.

“Is everything ok baby?” she asked again, taking a hold of his hand. She could feel him trembling ever so slightly, and her heart fluttered at the thought of what his hand had been doing only moments before. She could still feel the moisture in his palm and knowing that it had been wrapped around his cock made her pussy throb with need.

Matt nodded quickly, but didn’t speak. Kendra smiled warmly with concern but couldn’t keep her tongue from licking her lips quickly. She watched his eyes dart from her face to her chest and then back up. She pushed her chest out a little more, inviting him to look, to take her in. She hoped that he’d be so overtaken by her that he’d pull her down and kiss her deeply, his hands holding the back of her head tightly against him as his tongue invaded her mouth. But Matt didn’t do any of this, he only swallowed again, sweat forming on his brow.

“Can’t sleep baby?” Kendra asked, rubbing his chest with her left hand. Matt shook his head, trying to keep his eyes on his mother’s, but still stealing glimpses of her full, round breasts that were practically thrust into his face. Kendra could feel her stiff nipples threatening to tear holes in the sheer mesh of her nightgown and wondered if her son knew what was happening to her. Can he smell my pussy? Does he even know the scent of a hot, wet cunt that’s ready to be fucked? Has he ever had a girl so hot that her body fills the room with her aroma?

“I can’t sleep either,” she confessed. She let go of his hand and took up his phone. She looked back at him when he gasped in surprise and the look of panic on his face nearly made her laugh. She thumbed the phone on and swiped away the lock screen.

“Oh my,” Kendra said appreciatively. The phone displayed a well built woman with blond hair curling about her chin, she wore a demi cup bra and her large breasts were on full display as she posed with her hip thrust out, her legs encased in a white garter belt and white stockings. The woman’s pussy was smooth and her pink lips could be clearly seen. “I see what’s keeping you up.”

“Mom, I-” Matt began, his face red with embarrassment.

“Shh,” Kendra said soothingly, shooting him a knowing smile. She could see the confusion on his face, the bewilderment that she wasn’t chastising him for looking at porn. She reached back with her left hand, sliding it up his leg until she reached his balls. Kendra cupped him and squeezed gently, causing Matt to jump in surprise. She looked back at the phone, admiring the high quality of the erotic photo, feeling her own body respond to the provocative image. She massaged his heavy sack before sliding her hand up to grasp his shaft through the sheet. “Yes, I can see that this would keep you up indeed.” She emphasized the last with a squeeze of his cock.

“Oh god,” Matt moaned, the words barely coming out intelligibly.

Kendra put the phone down and turned her attention to her son. His eyes were fluttering, barely able to stay open as she continued to fondle him. She reached for the sheet and pulled it off of his body, revealing his flat stomach and then his pulsing cock.

“Oh my,” she whispered, “you are much bigger than I would have guessed!” Matt smiled weakly at the praise, still unable to talk. “So big and so hard,” she continued, her voice filled with need. She took hold of him at the base of his shaft, his flesh burning hot in her small hand as she gazed at it with lust filled eyes.

She admired the thickness of his penis, it filled her hand solidly. The crown was red and a drop of clear liquid was beginning to form at the tip. The blue and purple veins that snaked down his shaft were clearly visible and she was proud that her son had developed so wonderfully. There were red marks along the shaft, as if he had masturbated recently.

“Baby, don’t you have any lube?”


“Oh sweetie, you need to use some lube when you jack off, okay?”

Matt only nodded, disbelief still written on his face.

“Mom?” Matt’s voice nearly cracked as he said the words. “Can I touch you?”

Kendra let go of his cock and pulled the plunging neckline of her nightie down so that she could slip her breasts out into the open. She took hold of his hand and lifted it to her right breast and pressed his fingers around her tit. Her eyes rolled back and her mouth fell open as he took a tentative squeeze of her flesh, feeling the pliant orb in his grasp. Her pussy was now flowing freely, soaking the lacy material that was pulled tight against her sensitive cunt.

“Do you like that baby?” she whispered, taking hold of his iron hard shaft once again. Matt nodded vigorously, his eyes now fully open as he watched his hand groping his mother. “That feels really nice baby. Mommy loves it when you touch her like this.”

Kendra gave a little gasp and a squeak when he pinched her nipple. The sensation set off a mini orgasm and she felt the wetness leak past her panty, staining her son’s bed. Encouraged, Matt tweaked her nipple again and took hold of her other breast in his free hand. He then began to squish them together, his thumbs rubbing over the hardened nubs in unison.

“Oh baby!” Kendra hissed through gritted teeth. “Oh mommy has very sensitive nipples baby, if you keep doing that I’m going to cum!”

Matt did not back down, he took firm hold of her breasts, squeezing and caressing them. Kendra felt herself being pushed to the brink and faster than she would have thought possible, she felt her pussy convulse and flutter.

“Oh fuck, baby, fuck, fuck, fuck!” she squeaked, trying to control her voice so as not to wake up her husband. “I’m cumming!” She gripped his cock even harder as her orgasm overtook her. She could feel the wet spot forming on the bed. She loved the idea that she had marked his bed with her pussy. The thought gave her an aftershock that was almost as nice as the orgasm.

“Not so hard,” she said, placing her hand on his, guiding him to caress her more gently when she had regained herself. She smiled when he complied immediately, happy to take instruction from his mother. “Now, I need to take care of this so you can get some sleep.”

Kendra leaned so that her face hovered over his cock and she opened her mouth, letting a long strand of saliva slip from between her lips to drip over the head. Gliding her hand up his shaft, she danced her fingers over the top, getting them wet with her spit before sliding them down once more. Matt groaned immediately, thrusting his hips up against the motion of her hand, as if he were driving into her pussy.

“Doesn’t that feel nicer, baby?” Matt nodded, his eyes rolling back. “So much better when it’s wetter,” she giggled.

Kendra watched her son’s face, lost in the ecstasy that he was experiencing as she worked his cock slowly. The sound of her hands slipping up and down his shaft filled the room, mixing with Matt’s heavy breathing as she worked him towards his release. She hunched down, using both hands as she twisted her fingers around as she went up and down.

Twice more she drooled onto his cock, adding more spit to the slippery work she was doing as she lost herself in the feeling of his rock like penis. She loved the feel of him in her hands, the sensation of his flesh gliding past hers. She was giving a handjob to her son and the fact that it was her son was making her hotter and hotter.

“Mommy likes to touch you like this, baby. I like the feel of your big, hot, hard cock in my hands. Mommy wants you to cum for her, mommy wants to make you shoot that big, juicy load all over. Do you want to cum for mommy?”

Matt groaned and nodded.

“Do it. Do it for mommy. Cum all over my big tits. Shoot your cum on me son!”

Kendra stroked him forcefully, angling the tip of his cock so that it pointed right at her cleavage. She felt the pulses as his seed erupted from the tip, splashing against her chest hotly. Five hot jets sprayed her and she felt covered in his cum. She stopped stroking him once his orgasm subsided, relishing the feel of his load covering her fingers.

“That was incredible baby, you did so good! You came all over mommy’s titties!” Kendra sat up straight, her heavy breasts glazed in her son’s seed and she loved the way his lust filled eyes were boring into her. She never felt so desired in her life, it was intoxicating the way he gazed at her, still hungry and ready for more.

“You need to get some sleep now, tiger.” Kendra got up from the bed, not bothering to adjust her nightgown, her breasts swaying softly as she moved towards the door.

“Mom?” Matt said and she turned to face him. “I’m not dreaming am I?”

“No baby,” she said with a big smile.

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