Mom lets Son try Anal

Sex stories, Incest, mom and son try anal, in the morning I woke feeling a slight pressure on my dick. I reach down to see what is making my dick turn so hard. I feel hair covering my dick as I try to focus. Mom is giving me one hell of a blow job and started while I was asleep. I groan as she applies more force with her hand jerking my dick slowly.

“Good morning sleepy head, I thought this might wake you up,” mom replied as she took in six inches.

“Mom, this is the best way I have ever woken up for sure.”


Mom increased her sucking pressure as she fingered her cunt. I look down to see two of her fingers buried in her cunt.

“Sorry I started without you honey,” moaned mom.

I reached over to replace her hand. I took in two of her fingers and licked off the juices. I inserted two of my fingers all the way in and bent them trying to reach her cervix. A thick, creamy feeling paste covered her cervix as I massaged all around the area. She was hot as hell down there. I could not wait until I had my hard dick in her pussy.

I was hard as steel as my mom straddled me and plunged all the way down, taking all nine inches at one time. I looked to see her pussy hair mesh with mine and knew I was as deep I could go in this position. I reached up and grabbed both tits pushing her back some so that I could drive my dick at a better angle.

Mom spread her legs further apart and arched her back as she bottomed out on my cock. I pinched both nipples and thrust up as hard as I could. The head of my dick bounced off of her cervix.

“OOOHHH MMMYYY GOOODDD! That feels great do not move that dick for any reason,” cried mom.

Mom then eased up slightly and I could feel the head of my dick bump her cervix once again. Then mom lowered all the way down again causing the head of my dick to brush past her cervix. Time and time again, she repeated these moves.

“Honey, I am going to cum soon can you cum with me?” Asked mom.

“Mom, I really do not want to cum right now so go ahead and release for I can wait.”

“Get ready Terry, I am going to cum all over you’re hard dick!”

Mom grabbed the headboard to hold on as she came. Powerful spasms caused her to roll back her head and scream, “Cumming so hard now this is too good to be true!”

Mom came for about a good twenty seconds before she could talk. She collapsed and laid her head next to mine as her breathing slowed down. I placed my fingers near her ass and slowly inched towards her opening. Mom gasped as my middle finger eased over the opening of her ass.

So far so good since she did not say or do anything to stop the advance of my finger. I applied some pressure and then swirled my finger all around the opening of her ass. A slight groan escaped mom as my finger finally entered her ass. I found the nape of her neck and started to gently lick and suck as my finger went a little deeper. I now had my finger in one knuckle deep.

I could feel the intense heat as my finger gently massaged the inside of her ass.

“Honey, that feels way better than I thought it would ever feel.”

I push mom up some to let my dick pop out and come to rest against her ass. The head of my dick is an inch higher than her ass. I can clearly see it sticking straight up hoping to find a home.

Mom rocks back with her pussy to rub up and down my shaft. I moaned slowly as she coats my dick with juices. I apply more pressure with my middle finger and the second knuckle slides in her ass. It is so tight that I think there is no way I will ever get my big dick in this little hole.

“Honey, I want to make you happy, but I tried anal sex one time but no luck. It hurt too much,” replied mom.

“Mom, I promise to go as slow as you wish and will stop when you say so.”

“Ok, let’s try it, but remember you have to go really slow and go get the baby oil to help out some.”

I practically ran to get the oil and mom had moved two pillows underneath her ass while I was gone. I climbed between her legs and poured some oil right on her pussy lips so see it drip down to her ass. I spread the oil all around the opening of her ass. I inserted one finger and massaged oil deeper.

“Please come up here and let me put some oil on that hard dick of yours.”

I move up so that my dick was resting across her tits as she poured oil all over my dick, shaft, and balls. Pre-cum leaked out and landed on her tits dripping to the covers like she was waterproof. I moved back down and got in position so that my dick was in line with her ass. Mom placed her legs on my shoulders and this caused my cock to touch the entrance of her ass.

“Ok, try to get the head in but go slow and do not push at all. I will do the pushing.”

I looked down to see the head of my cock push on the opening. Mom pushed towards my dick and this pressure made the head of my dick slide in just half way.

“Ooohhhh that is really big honey go slow,” moaned mom as she gasped.

“Almost got the head in mom are you doing ok?”

“Yes honey, so far not much pain so try to get the whole head in next.”

Mom pushed again and the head popped in and causing mom to hold her breath.

“Don’t you dare move! Let me get used to this before we go any further.”

I looked down to see the head of my cock buried in my mom’s ass. I felt like I was going to cum right then, but knew better times were coming my way if I could just hold out longer.

I took my thumb and ran it across her clit, causing mom to moan and relax somewhat.

Her pussy lips were spread completely out showing great details about the insides of a women’s pussy.

I wanted so badly to reach down and taste her juices, but knew that might cause my dick to slip out.

Heaven forbid that should happen. Instead, I inserted two fingers deep into her cunt as I found the oil and poured some more on my shaft.

“OH! BABY I AM GOING TO CUM NOW!!” Screamed mom as my thumb massaged her clit and my fingers plunged deeper into her cunt.

White thicker cream leaked from her cunt as she came all over my fingers. I then tried to push a little of my cock deeper into her ass. One inch went in deeper and mom used her hands to stop my advance.

“Oh God Honey, you are going to tear me apart with your huge cock. The feelings are fantastic at the same time,” moaned mom as she pushed slightly, allowing my dick to go one more inch.

I now had about five inches buried in her ass, but yet only had taken four or five strokes.

“Mom I am now going to pull out some and then push back in if that is ok?”

“Yes darling, let’s try that but remember to go slow.”

I pulled out a good two inches and it felt like a vacuum cleaner was trying to keep me in her ass. The sensation was unreal. I did notice a very small drop of blood on my shaft as I pulled out my cock.

I eased forward and was able to get in about five and a half inches this time. The sensation and pressure being applied to my cock were out of this world. My mom was very beautiful as she lay there with my dick up her ass and her tits swaying after each slow stroke.

“God honey that is feeling better with each stroke,” keep going replied mom.

I spread her legs further apart and applied more oil to my shaft. Mom reached down to feel my shaft and said “Damn you still have several inches more to go.”

I took her hand and placed it on her pussy lips and held it there.

“Mom I want you to masturbate for me. You are so hot looking right now!” I moaned as I pushed one more inch deeper in her ass.

Mom plunged two fingers in her pussy and I rubbed her clit with my thumb. I pulled out three inches and pushed my hard dick back in with less force this time.

Mom was starting to loosen up some. I decided to try to develop a rhythm with my strokes to see how mom would respond. I stroked five good long strokes and Mom started to cum once again.

“OOOHHH SSSHHHIIIITTTTT I might pass out,” cried mom as she came.

More thick white cream leaked from her pussy. I looked down and my shaft was covered with white cream and small amounts of blood. I knew I could not last long enough to get all nine inches in her ass. I had to have some release soon and noticed mom trying to grab my ass.

“I cannot last much longer what are you trying to do mom?”

“I want all nine inches in my ass as you cum. It does not hurt much at all now.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes honey please give me all of that hard cock deep in my ass. I am your slave from now on. This is the best sensations and I only wish I had my vibrator to shove deep into my pussy as you take my ass,” moaned mom.

I pulled back out a good two inches and said, “Get ready mom here goes the other two inches,” as I pushed until my balls slapped her ass and bottomed out.

The orgasm hits me like a ton of bricks and I was surprised I could not control it. Cum poured out of my dick splashing her insides with the force of a broken damn releasing spent up cum.

“I am cumming AGAIN HONEY! I can feel cum spurting deep into my ass please do not stop ever!” cried mom.

I reached down and inserted four fingers deep into her cunt as she rocked from her orgasm. Thick white cream coated my fingers as I plunged them in and out of her cunt lips.

My dick kept firing hot spurts of cum deep into her ass as she shook underneath me.

Mom passed out and went limp as I fired the last spurts of cum. I pulled out and a popping noise resulted when cum, blood, and pussy juices poured out of her ass.

Mom laid still while I caught my breath. I looked down at her ass and a small ring around her ass protruded outward contracting in rhythm with each breath my mom took. A small amount of blood eased from the ring as it retreated in size and disappeared back into her ass.

Mom laid there for another three minutes before waking up looking very dazed, but content.

“Honey, sorry I must have passed out. I remember when you stuck your fingers in my pussy and I could not take it anymore. That was the best orgasm of my life,” moaned mom as she caressed my dick.

I kissed mom on the cheek and knew I wanted this to stay like this forever. Mom drifted off to sleep and her hand let go of my cock.

I rolled off the bed and headed to my bathroom.

I came out of the bathroom from my shower and walked down the hall towards my room. I hear Aunt Jean and mom talking in Jean’s room. I ease closer to be able to hear what they are talking about.

“Cindy how was the first night alone with Terry?” asked Jean.

“Jean he wore me out and he also tied me up with silk ties,” replied mom.

“He tied you to the bed???” asked Jean in disbelief.

“I was tied spread eagle with not a stitch of clothing on. He even sucked on my toes to start off the torture routine. He slowly licked almost every part of my body before he plunged his tongue deep into my pussy. I felt on fire as he ate me out to two powerful orgasms.

“Ummmm, I am starting to feel that tingly feeling between my legs,” replied Jean.

“Once he had me begging to be fucked he only untied my two legs. He then placed them over my head and buried all nine inches deep into my pussy. He gave it to me hard and fast. I looked down to see his thick cock slamming my pussy and I could feel juices running down the crack of my ass after each stroke,” replied Cindy.

“Mmmmm, how many times did you cum?” moaned Jean.

“I came so many I lost count. Every time he withdrew that huge cock of his he would then slam that cock back until he hit my cervix. I could feel his balls touch my ass with each stroke. The sensations of his balls bouncing off of my ass heighten the power of each orgasm.”

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