Son’s fantasy is his mother. Mom doesn’t know

My name is Michael. I’m 18 years old. I live with my mom in a very big house which my father left us when he divorced my mother. Currently you may say I’m unemployed as I don’t have anything to do. No college for now. If I’ll attend college, it won’t be before 6-7 month. As you may know, I’m a guy and I’m filled with sexual desires being a virgin.

My mother, Jane, is 38 and works as an IT engineer and works sometimes from home or at work. Depends on her mood. My mother has been the center of my sexual fantasies for some time now. She is beautiful, sexy and smart. She has gorgeous skin, white silk like, so smooth, long legs. Her tits aren’t that big and her ass, oh my god, I love them. Not big not small! Perfect size ass. You might say she may look like Alyssa Milano in her prime.

Growing up, I never thought of my mom as hot. My friend James did however. He always tells me how hot my mom is and if he ever gets the opportunity he’ll fuck her like crazy. I always thought he was telling me that as a joke.


One day, we were both at home, I was going to grab some juice in the kitchen, walking by my mom’s room, my eyes just diverted into her room. The door was slightly open and I saw her changing her clothes. She was naked. I watched her body in awe. I had never seen such a gorgeous body before. Everything was perfect. My cock was rock hard while I peeped at her. Her butt was pert, round, firm like ripe apple. Her hips, though not wide, nonetheless contrasted with the narrowness of her waist. She was turning around so I got away from the door and ran off to the toilet where I stroke my cock while thinking about my mother. I came so hard I felt weak.

I went back to my room forgetting the juice only thinking about my mother. That day I visited all the websites where I could find something about mother and son incest. I could not jerk off to anything else, only these kinds of porn could make me hard. It was the first time I had ever looked, thought and seen my mom this way and it was both embarrassing and exciting.

I slept that night thinking of my mother in all the lewd possible ways.

The next morning was a start of an all new adventure for me. I had my woman of my dream living in the same house as me.

So, I decided I should act on it somehow. But How?? I wore a loose short and a t-shirt. Nothing fancy but that short when I sit you may see my undies but I didn’t wear any so you may see my private parts.

Having brushed my teeth, I when downstairs. Mum wasn’t at home. I was kind of disappointed. Therefore, I ventured into her room. Her room was tidy, not like mine. 1st thing I noticed was her dirty clothes hamper. At the top of it was a black string like panty. It was very tiny. The front was a tiny triangle and the rest was just thin string. I never thought mom wore these kinds of panties. I placed the string apart and continued my way in the hamper and found a red string and a yellow thong. No normal panties. Curiosity got the better of me. Wow did mom only wear thongs and g-string/v-strings? I wanted to know what her other panties look like! So, I opened every drawer and finally found the treasure loot. Yes! There was only strings, thongs and matching bras. Mom was kinky!!

At that point I was rock hard. So, I grabbed a clean white thong and her dirty black string and ran off to my room. Got on my bed and stripped off my clothes. I grabbed the string and put them up to my face and smell them while with my other hand, I wrapped her clean thong on my cock, the crotch area of the thong was carefully placed on my cock’s head and started stroking my cock. Her scent was magnificent, nothing like I ever smelled before. It made me go crazy. I was thinking of fucking my mother, smelling her dirty G-string and stroking my cock in her clean thong. It was the best sexual feeling I ever had in my life. Precum was making the thong wet. I was in ecstasy. The scent of my mother’s pussy was filling was nostril and going to my brain. My muscles began to tense and I felt it coming and I burst heavily into my mother’s beautiful yellow thong. I shot my cum into the crotch area. I laid there on my bed, the string on my face, the other on the floor filled with semen. I fell asleep …

Woke up after two hours. Recalled everything I’ve done. I took both panties and rushed to my mommy’s room and there, I put back the yellow thong in its drawer and then placed back the string on top of the hamper.

Went back to my room and got on the net and browsed panties and imagined my mom in them. While I was browsing, I received a text from my mother. She forgot her purse and had nothing to eat. She asked me if I could prepare a sandwich for her. How could I refuse, I had nothing to do. Went to kitchen and prepared her a ham sandwich. After having prepared it, I drove to her workplace. Reaching over there, I had to take to stairs and reached the 3rd floor. Upon entering the compound, I was greeted by Mrs. Jenn, I was asked for my mom and she said she’ll be down here in some 10 minutes.

While I was waiting for her, had all these lewd Ideas in my head. I went to the washroom, got into the toilet, lowered my jeans and boxer short. I was rock hard thinking of her. I was jerking off in her office. How pervert was I! Went I was about to cum, I got this wonderful Idea. I reached for the lunch box and took the sandwich from it. I open the sandwich and held it. I gave my cock 2 more strokes and then I placed the open sandwich near my cock and I came in it. A huge load of semen, covered the salad. It was all over. I closed the sandwich. And went back to the waiting lounge. After a few minutes my sexy mom came out.

“Thank you baby, I’m so hungry” – Jane

“It’s alright mom, here’s your lunch” – Me

She sat next to me. Opened the lunch box and grab hold of the sandwich and started eating. She was very hungry; I could see eating my semen.

“That sauce in it is very tasty hon” – Jane

“Glad you like it mom” – Me

I was delighted to watch my mom finishing that sandwich. On the back of my mind, I was so happy. I made mom eat my semen and she liked it!!

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