Visiting parent’s home : Brother’s late night sex

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It’s true that Bina Mishra have been with several guys as my pre-marital life was normal with a single mistake as my younger brother Jeet have forced me for sex. So a college student in a middle class society have no liberty to put modern outfits to reveal my sexy figure as “Boy friends “were not allowed but my parent’s conservative mind have made me a little slut as inside home I have had a great physical relations with my brother Jeet and so loosing virginity to him was like a dream got fulfilled and than jeet’s friend sunny have satisfied me with his long thick penis and after I got married , my hubby Anish have a nice sexual activities with me but as his professional life starts diminishing ,he put me on his bosses bed and there my slut character took me to a new peak as list of lovers on bed grows……Jeet ,sunny ,Anish ,Raj , Rachel and Iqbal ….all have put their cocks in my glory hole. So like a shameless lady I starts my extramarital affairs with guys.

Bina Mishra is a 27 years married lady with her curvy figure as my lovely boobs will make your mouth’s watering ,my V shaped buttocks shakes like a two parts cucumber ,so it can make old men’s tool hard and my slim waist to smooth thighs are attractive and so my vagina is like a glittering pearls,it’s labias are well distracted as it’s reddish with a black mounds on its hole,lot of penetration in my vagina as I am addicted to it .so as I am in parent’s home ,a teenager fucked me in train as my brother Jeet enjoyed my sexy body in early morning (read previous story “Visiting parent’s home: a teenager hunger ” & “early morning fuck“).

So day’s passes as I have lunch with my mom and brother ,so I slept soundly as my body is too tired and in parent’s home I have to live in a limit but my brother Jeet can assist me in drinks and in the evening ,I wake up and after having refreshment walked to dinning space ,mom and brother is not there ,so I moved to mom’s bedroom as she is sleeping and now it’s my legs moving to jeet’s room.i can see him holding his mobile as he is watching something special but looking at me ,he wake up and put his mobile on bed ,so I sit near him as his eyes are gazed on my chest ,it’s a semi nude one as my deep necked night wear is showing as his hand hold my hairs and put his lips on my lips I opened my mouth ,than he pushed his long tongue and his arms have hold me tight as I am sucking his tongue and his hand is rubbing my back .so my legs are on earth as my sexy butts is on bed’s corner ,so as I have turned my face to his face,his hard bulge is showing it’s erection and feeling too sexy ,I hold his bulge on bermuda as sucking his tongue hard is making us bit my eyes are closed as Jeet starts squeezing my breast on night wear ,it’s my vagina that’s turning into a itchy canal and I pushed his face back as I put my head on his his hand is rubbing my back and my lips starts kissing his neck to face ,we are desperate for physical love but both are scared also as mom is in I put my face straight as I smiled


“leave it for now as mom is in home
(Jeet)ok but will have to be my beloved wife for tonight
(Me)not possible , physical affair can blossom but can’t be your wife .”and so we both walked out of room ,now we can see mom sitting there as we both joined him and so looking at me ,mom asked “Bina,need tea of your hand
(Me) sure mom ,wait for a minute .”

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And I walked inside kitchen ,so starts preparing tea as my oral sex session doesn’t long lasts as we were scared of my vagina is getting itchy as while preparing tea I am thinking of something romantic and a nearby park will be safe for us ,so I took cups in a tray as I walked to dinning space ,now put it on table and Jeet is so naughty as I bend down to put it ,he looked my sexy boobs caged in night wear,it’s a deep necked while having tea together ,mom asked

“than baby , feeling tired or going to shopping mall for some purchase
(Bina)it depends on you ,if you will give me company than it’s all right
(She)not today ,you can go with Jeet as he will go for evening walk and he will be with you .”

And as Jeet walked away to his room ,I am still thinking of mom’s decision as I am bit excited and so I moved to my bedroom and opened my bag as I took out a black leggings with a sleeveless kurti for evening walk and after urinating in washroom ,I am in my I removed my night wear as i put a bikini on waist with a 34dd brassiere on boobs and put my dress,so while sitting on bed ,I took out my purse and than a lady deodorant spray on my clothes.

It’s a nice evening as full moon is giving us natural light and as Jeet came out of his room ,he put a sandals on his legs and looking at me ,he smiled “going to shopping mall Bina
(Me)yes but have to give me company .”

And we both brother and sister left home ,as we are walking on a roadside and while holding his wrist ,I asked him…….

“so still thinking of shopping or something else
(Jeet laughed)it’s your opinion ,so I have to protect you from stalkers there only
(Me)oh I see !but if I starts stalking than .”

And our body is getting hotter as our bodies are getting touched as well as bruised while walking Jeet have understood my evening walk ,as I stand near a auto rickshaw stand while Jeet moved to a wine shop to have canes of as he walks to me ,I can see him holding a carry bag and than our direction changed as we are going to a park ,it’s a deserted path as park is known for misdeeds while drinking wine and beer inside it is usual ,too many couples also enjoys under it and so we are looking for fun we both moved inside park ,some guys are looking at us and than Jeet took me inside dense bushes as we are sitting behind it on grass.while facing eachother’s faces he took out a cane of beer and starts drinking it ,so as he took out a packet of cigarette with a matchbox from his pocket ,I took one and lit it ,so as I am smoking cigarette he is looking at each and every Jeet put cane on grass as he took cigarette to smoke and he is bit aggressive as his one hand hold my breast and starts pressing it hard,so I took cane of beer as I starts drinking it and after it get finished ,I throws away as his hand is also free but he is a horny guy as his both hands are on my boobs and as he is squeezing it hard ,my one toes hits his bulge .so I first took out my sandals as I inches closer to him and he is a bold guy as he put his arms on my back ,now I am on his lap as my sexy butts is on his it’s a nice position as he starts kissing my face and I have hold him hard ,so my boobs are getting pressed on his chest as his hand is rubbing my back,it’s not a comfortable dress for a slut lady like me as skirts or sari give guys lot of comfort while making my lower portion nude .now my brother have hold my long hairs as he is kissing my lips and as our lips are sealed ,it’s my vagina getting hot again and as Jeet opened his mouth ,like a sexy lady I pushed my long tongue in it and he is sucking it hard as my eyes are closed while boobs are pressing hard on his after a while ,Jeet left my tongue and I am bit afraid of being caught here as it’s a public place but as I am looking at each and every end ,it’s a peaceful zone for Jeet make me sit on grass as he starts rubbing my thighs on leggings and my hand is moving on his hard bulge as he opened it’s buckles and now I pulled down his brief ,so his long and thick penis is greeting me with his hard erection and now I hold my brother’s penis as I starts jerking it .

So his hand have made my soft thighs a hot one and as his hand starts moving inside my leggings from waistline end ,I can’t resist him as it’s an elastic band on waist and his hand moved to my cunt .so Bina is in fire as his fingers have got my flexible vagina and as his finger moved inside my cunt ,I put my butts slight up on grass and he starts fingering it fast,I can’t wait for a long time as both have enjoyed french kiss also and my cunt is a cute baby ,who cries frequently for jeet’s finger is rubbing my hot hole as my waistband have been loosened and while masturbating his penis hard ,I am trying to make it cum but Jeet have other plans.

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So he took out his finger and now asked “baby ,be on your knees and suck my penis.”so I knelt down as Jeet stand infront of me with his face towards walls direction and now I am feeling too hot as it’s soft glans is on my while sucking it hard ,I swallows it and starts sucking with my head spinning fast ,so Jeet hold my hairs as he is fucking my mouth with his long cock and my sexy voice “uh ah um “,can make others dubious about my romantic session behind bushes and Jeet is penetrating my mouth like he have got my cunt and as my deep throat is hitting it’s glans ,now my mouth starts watering and I pushed his waist back as I took out his wet penis from my mouth.looking at me ,he walked away and I can see him urinating ,so his penis is nude as his jeans is on waist and walking to me he is too he sits on grass as he hold my leggings on waist and starts pulling it down but bit frightened of public here ,so than he put his hand on my breast as he is massaging it hard and now screamed

“ok ,if not going to have my cock in your cunt ,than jerk it
(Me)no ,I will suck it to taste it’s cum
(Jeet)let me make your lower portion nude for a while and you will feel it’s real pleasure.”

So bit shy and scared ,while putting my body on knees and elbows ,I left my sexy body for him as well as public to I can feel my leggings moving down to legs as he removed my bikini and in moon light ,his penis is going inside it’s hole as I have closed my eyes .so I can feel jeet’s cock inside my vagina as it’s a wet canal and now he is behind my buttocks as his penis is hitting my vagina hard ,so I made my mind little firesh as his cock is fucking me with speed and power ,it’s my buttocks that starts moving and we both are enjoying sex .now I am screaming in pleasure “uh ah um Jeet hard ,fuck fuck me fast”and his penis is too hot as well as hard while my fleshy butts is hitting on his my wet vagina is like a dry and hot boiler as his hard fuck have made me fully aroused and he is shouting “uh ah swing your ass baby ,I will cum soon “and after a while ,jeet’s penis loaded lot of semen in my vagina as my cunt is satisfied and than we are away as after a while ,we are back home.

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