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It began when I was deployed last year. Fortunately I was sent to Louisiana and not overseas. Still, being 16+ hours from my wife, whom I had been with for four years, was not an easy pill to swallow. Thankfully Nikki surprised me with some sexy pictures to help “get me through.” She said she’d rather I fantasize about her than some porn star on the Internet. We agreed to talk via Skype as much as possible, but unfortunately because of my schedule, sometimes two weeks would pass before Nikki and I could talk.

Once in a while, when I was very lucky to get a day of down time, Nikki and I were able to Skype alone — privately. That was my favorite because Nikki and I not only caught up on life, we could also get some sexual release. There’d be a little dirty talk as she’d masturbate for me and send me sailing over the edge. I’d think about it for weeks.

Although Nikki was what I’d consider out of my league, we had an amazing bond. We were in love for sure. Nothing could change that as far as we were concerned. We could tell each other everything. I even told Nikki about my secret cuckold fantasy of watching her get it on with another guy. She asked a couple questions, which I answered best I could. Nikki admitted she was flattered that I’d rather watch her than a stranger in a porn video, but ultimately she giggled dismissively saying, “I could never cheat on you.”


The third month into my deployment got hectic. Nikki and I managed to Skype only three times, and then only for ten or fifteen minutes. The second time she seemed perturbed that I had to go so quickly. I had a bad feeling that she wanted to tell me something. “I’ll tell you next time,” she said, giving a fake “It’s-okay” smile and then abruptly hanging up. A week and a half later when we Skyped I definitely knew something was up. She seemed happy, but nervous. She seemed almost too sweet. When I asked about it she said, “I don’t want to get into it now because you don’t have time, but there’s something I want to talk to you about.”

“Is everything ok?” I asked. “Are you ok?”

“I’m fine,” she said.

I told her I’d call the following Friday at 6:00. It was our anniversary, and it just so happened I would be off Saturday and Sunday, so Nikki and I would have time to Skype. I hoped we’d also have time for one of our little private sessions, being our anniversary and all.

That evening, I pulled up a set of pictures Nikki sent me two weeks prior to help me “get through” as she put it. They were some pictures of her in sexy outfits, some were of Nikki nude, lying in bed. One picture was my favorite. Nikki was lying on our bed nude, looking up at the camera. The horizontal shot gave the illusion the viewer was kneeling at the foot of the bed looking down at Nikki as she gazed into the lens with her gorgeous green eyes. An initial look at the picture one might describe Nikki’s look as innocent, a good-girl. But the way she bit her lip seductively (which always drove me wild) conveyed an underlying naughty side. Her pussy was shaved completely smooth, which she knew I absolutely loved. I was flattered she would take the care to shave herself for a picture for me because after several years, she got lazy about keeping her pussy shaved.

I fantasized she had another guy take the pictures and purposely sent them to me to hint at fulfilling my fantasy.

Friday evening rolled around. I Skyped Nikki. She was looking sexy as hell. She lay on our bed on her stomach swinging her pretty little feet. I love her feet, which she knows, so I was sure she was teasing me. She was wearing a tiny light sun dress that said “fuck me” all over it. I could see her thong panties through her dress. To me it seemed obvious we were going to have a little fun.

“I really miss you sweetie,” she said sweetly. “I love you so much.” Later, thinking back, she said these things almost apologetically — like she was buttering me up for something, like she did when she wanted me to buy her a new purse or shoes at the store.

We chatted casually for a while. How’s work? How was your week? Are you ok on money? Etc. The whole time she seemed just a little nervous. Finally I broached the subject.

“Is everything all right?” I asked.

Nikki looked down with a more serious expression. She bit her lip and looked up at me innocently (fuck I love that).

“I need to tell you something. . . But I don’t want you to get upset.”

My heart skipped a beat. “What’s wrong Nikki?” I asked.

She paused, then sighed. “Do you remember that fantasy you kept talking about?”

“What, hooking up with two women?” I joked, which seemed to put her slightly more at ease.

“No, silly,” she giggled. “The one where you said you wanted me to cheat on you and then tell you about it.”

“Yeah . . . and then watch you with the other guy,” I added. Where was this going? I wondered. I will point out, at the time, I did not for a second believe Nikki would be capable of cheating on me. While she had a higher sex drive than I did, she was too sweet, too innocent to actually go through with it.

“Would you want it to happen?” she asked matter-of-factly.

I felt like the world stopped. Did I hear that correctly?

“What?” I asked. “What do you mean?” I stammered.

“I mean, your fantasy where I cheat on you. When you said you really wanted it to happen, were you serious, or just playing around?”

My head was racing. “No, I think I’d want it to happen. Why? Are you thinking about cheating on me?”

“I just . . . I just need to know for sure if you would really want that, because I would never want to do anything to jeopardize our relationship.”

“No, I mean it wouldn’t really be cheating if you told me about it and if I was ok with it, which I would be as long as you were honest with me and told me everything.”

“So if something happened, you’d be ok with it . . . for sure? As long as I was honest?”

“Definitely. I love you and as long as you and I are ok, I would love that.”

“So if I told you I kissed someone, you wouldn’t be angry?”

Holy shit, I thought. She kissed another guy! I tried to stay calm, but I my adrenaline was racing.

“Not at all!” I said feigning calmness. Nikki hadn’t actually admitted anything. I thought I’d help her become a little less reluctant. “Was he a good kisser?” I asked.

Nikki seemed a little caught off guard by the question. “Yeah . . . he was good.”

Then she added hesitantly, “What if it was someone you know?”

Holy shit. My mind was racing. “That would be cool,” I said. “Like who?”

“Well . . . What if it was your best friend?” She asked reluctantly.

“Matt?” I said. “You kissed Matt?” I was utterly shocked.

“You said you wouldn’t be upset,” she said defensively.

“No! Not at all, babe. I just . . . I didn’t know you were attracted to him . . . I mean I know you guys flirted now and then, but I didn’t think . . .”

“It just kind of happened.” She said.

“I’m actually really turned on right now.” I said. “Tell me what happened.”

“Well, since you’ve been gone Matt and I been hanging out. . . .,” she quickly added, “Just as friends.” She explained, “We’ve actually been hanging out a lot . . . like all the time. You know I was getting lonely, especially when you and I would go so long without talking.”

“Sure,” I nodded in complete understanding.

“You know I get a little freaked out at night, so he stayed the night sometimes . . . on the couch.”

I nodded, trying to convey my total understanding of the situation.

“You and Matt are so much alike, ya know?” She said. “We went to a party for Matt’s work. We had to get all dressed up; it was really fancy. We were dancing and stuff and then kind of holding hands throughout the night. Anyway, he took me home and walked me up to the house. It was kind of an awkward moment because it was kind of like a date, with the dancing and holding hands and stuff, but kind of not. I mean, I’m married to his best friend.”

I nodded.

“So were you guys drunk?”

“No, no not at all. As a matter of fact we were both completely sober because I drove, and Matt only had two drinks.”

She went on.

“Well, we went to give each other a hug. The hug lasted a little longer than normal, and as we pulled back, he went to kiss me on the cheek, and that’s when it happened.”

“What happened?” I asked.

“I just kind of turned, and we kissed on the lips.”

“Like a peck, or a make-out kiss.”

“More like a make-out kiss.” She said. “It lasted a while and got pretty heavy, to be honest.”

I pictured my wife and my best friend making out passionately, and I was rock hard.

Nikki noticed. “Is this turning you on?” She asked surprised.

“Yeah, babe. I told you . . . this is my biggest fantasy. I can’t believe you cheated on me. That is so hot.”

“Are you jealous?” Nikki asked.

“Jealous?” I asked.

“Yeah . . . That I was kissing your best friend and not you?”

“Yes, but that’s why I’m turned on. I know it sounds strange, but I’m a little hurt, but at the same time I like it.”

“Yeah, the situation got me thinking a lot. And I actually kind of get it now. It’s weird — it kind of turned me on to cheat on you, knowing you’re cool with it. I don’t know why, but seeing you a little hurt turns me on too — I guess because it confirms how much you love me. I also think it’s so sweet you want to see me satisfied.”

I thought that was the end of the story. Boy was I wrong.

“When did that happen?” I asked.

“It was a while back, maybe a month and a half ago. I wanted to tell you sooner, but we didn’t have time. And I wanted to tell you face-to-face.”

“I totally understand,” I said. Of course I was wondering what, if anything happened since then.

“So I want to be totally honest with you. . . . .” She continued.

“Absolutely,” I said. I waited. “So there’s more, I take it?”

Nikki looked down at her hands and nodded. “Yes,” she said.

“Did he stay the night?” I asked.

“Yes.” Nikki said, still reluctant. “Before we go on, I want you to know I would never leave you or anything. You are the man of my dreams, and I totally want to be married to you. I love you and only you.”

“I know that babe. I love you too, that’s why I want you to be happy. I want you to tell me everything. Just promise you will tell me the truth, no matter what.” I said.

“Are you sure?” Nikki asked innocently.

“I’m sure.”

“Ok, I promise. Just be careful what you ask.”

My hands were shaking from a combination of excitement, fear, jealousy, and an entire range of new emotions.

“Where did he sleep?” I asked.

Everything from this point forward seemed to happen in slow motion. Her words became slow and deliberate.

Nikki hesitated. “Not on the couch.”

The words, Not on the couch lingered. They hung there, taunting me. Everything now seemed to happen in slow motion. Her words became slow and deliberate. I felt like I was having an out-of-body experience.

“In our bed?” I heard myself ask.

Nikki nodded.

“Did you do more than kiss?”

“Yes,” she said.

“A lot more?”

Nikki nodded.

“Did you and Matt have sex?” I asked.

Nikki didn’t say anything for a moment. Then she said, almost inaudibly, “Yes.”

I was awestruck and didn’t say anything for a minute. Then she said, “Are you mad?”

“No, Nikki. Not at all. I’m fucking turned on. I’m in disbelief, but totally turned on.”

When Nikki saw that I was not upset, as confirmed by my raging hard-on, she seemed relieved.

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